Italy, France, Greece | 90 / 52 min | 2022 | color | 4K | 2.0 | 2022

Of the thirty inhabitants of Arki, a windswept island in Greece’s Dodecanese, Kristos is the last remaining child. He is ten, and he is the only pupil of his teacher Maria, who devotes herself to him. Kristos will start his final year of elementary school soon. To finish compulsory education, he needs to leave Arki and move to a larger island. His family, however, cannot afford this expense and his father wants him to become a shepherd, a profession passed down the family for generations. Maria cannot accept this situation and is determined to find a solution to further his education. Will Kristos stay on the island to become a shepherd like his brothers or will he leave Arki to continue his education far away, on the other side of the sea?


a BLINK BLINK PROD, LES FILMS DE L’OEIL SAUVAGE and BAD CROWD production, in co-production with ARTE France, E.R.T s.a & Aljazeera Documentary Channel, in collaboration with RAI Cinema and Lyfta

Funded by Creative Europe, Media Programme of the European Union, Italian Ministry of Culture, DG Cinema, Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’image animée, Région Sud, PROCIREP – ANGOA, SCAM “Brouillon d’un rêve”grant & “La Culture avec la Copie Privée”, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Greek Film Center

Director: Giulia Amati
DoP: Carlos Muñoz Gómez-Quintero
Additional Cinematography: Bastian Esser & Aurélien Py
Sound: Manolis Makridakis, Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos, Nikolas Konstantinou & Alexis Koukias
Editor: Evgenia Papageorgiou
Music: Angelo Capozzi
Producer: Giulia Amati (Blink Blink Prod | Italy), Quentin Laurent (Les Films de l’œil sauvage | France)
Co-producer: Nancy Kokolaki, Nikos Moustakas (Bad Crowd | Greece)

World Sales: Deckert Distribution



- Venice Film Festival, Giornate degli Autori Session | Official selection
- Rome International Documentary Festival | Winner Best Italian Film
- Ji.hlava International Documentary Festival | Official selection
- MedFilm Festival | Official Selection
- Mònde Fest | Official Selection


  • - FIPADOC International Documentary Festival | Official Selection
  • - Thessaloniki Documentary Festival | Winner FIPRESCI Award, First prize of ERT Award, Best Greek Film Award from the students of Universities of Thessaloniki
  • - Docville International Documentary Festival | Official Selection
  • - Dok.Fest München | Winner Audience Award
  • - Docaviv | Official Selection
  • - Mediterranean Film Festival Split | Official Selection
  • - Aegean Film Festival | Official Selection
  • - Le Grand Bivouac | Official Selection
  • - Pianeta Mare Film Festival | Official Selection
  • - Filmfestival Kitzbühel | Official Selection
  • - Festival International du Film Insulaire de Groix | Winner Film du Coeur and Audience Award
  • - LUCAS - International Festival for Young Film Lovers | Official Selection
  • - Anotherway Film Festival | Winner Jury Award for Best Film
  • - PriMed | Winner Prix à la diffusion


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