We offer our support to authors, producers and distributors during all stages of production: from development to the launch on national and international markets. Our main fields of action are:

  • Storytelling consultancy
  • FIlming and audio recording
  • Executive production of national and international films
  • Post-production services: Editing, sound design, sound mix, color correction
  • Study of economic feasibility and consultancy on financial strategies
  • Submission for funding: identification of the requests and compilation of the applications
  • Marketing during development (SWOT, positioning, targeting audience)
  • Marketing during production and post production: study of the visual identity of the project.
  • Marketing and marketing alternatives for the launch of films and TV series in national and international markets
  • Branded content management

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We organize workshops for professionals and for those who want to use moving images to talk about themselves or to overcome conditions of personal or social difficulty. We have worked with young people in war zones, children with cancer and young adolescents with psychological trauma. With them we delve into writing, storyboarding, shooting techniques and editing.

We organize practical workshops and offer our specific consultancy for emerging or established producers and for all those who disentangle themselves from the complex world of regional, state or supernational funding, or who want to learn more about the new cinematographic legislation and the advantages of the MIBACT incentives, such as selective, automatic contributions or tax credit.

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