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How We Protect Your Privacy

The data you provide to Blink Blink Prod (hereinafter also “this site” or “site”) is secure and managed according to the most recent privacy regulations. The data communicated to third parties are transmitted in protected mode and only for operations strictly connected to the provision of the requested services. The owner of the processing of personal data is Blink Blink Prod. Our contact details are available on the “Contact Us” page.


Access to some sections of the site and / or any requests for information or services by users of the site may be subject to the inclusion of personal data whose processing by this site, as Data Controller, will be in compliance of Legislative Decree 196/2003 Code regarding the protection of personal data (hereinafter the Code). This information is intended to allow users to know, even before accessing the various sections of the site and to provide their data, how this site treats users’ personal data. It will still be necessary for the user to view it before he gives his personal data by filling in the appropriate spaces in the various sections of the site.

Purpose of Processing

According to the needs expressed from time to time by the user who accesses the various sections of the site, the purposes of processing personal data provided directly by users by completing the online forms may be the following:

  1. allow registration on the site, which is necessary for accessing particular sections of the site itself and for providing and managing the various services offered;
  2. prior consent of the user and up to the revocation of the same, send newsletters to receive updates on all site news, new services and other news on our initiatives;
  3. respond to user requests.

Processing Methods

Personal data will be processed mainly in an automated manner, with logic strictly related to the aforementioned purposes.

Nature of the Provision of Users’ Personal Data

The provision of personal data is necessary so that this site can meet the needs of the user in the context of its functionality. Failure, partial or incorrect conferment of the obligatory personal data, as necessary for the execution of the requested service, does not make such execution possible; while the non-provision, partial or incorrect conferment of optional personal data does not entail any consequence.

Categories of Personal Data Subject to Processing

In addition to the personal data provided directly by users (such as first name/ name, last name /surname, postal address, email address, etc.), when connecting to the site, the IT systems and software procedures used to operate the site indirectly acquire some data. whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols (such as, by way of example but not limited to, the so-called “cookies”, “IP” addresses, domain names of computers used by users connecting to the site, the notation addresses “URI” of the requested resources, the time of the request to the server). These data are processed for the sole purpose of carrying out statistical surveys and providing the information and services requested.

Categories of subjects that may become aware of users’ personal data

Personal data may be brought to the attention of employees and collaborators of this site, and companies charged with carrying out ancillary services (such as, by way of example only, couriers, lawyers, distributors, etc.). All parties involved operate in compliance with current legislation.

Data Controller and Data Processors

The owner of the personal data is Blink Blink Prod. Our contact details are available on the “Contact Us” page.

Procedures for Exercising Rights Pursuant to Art. 7 and to Know the List of Data Processors

The user may, at any time, exercise the rights provided by current legislation by sending an email message, or by letter or by telephone to the addresses indicated on the site.

Extended Information on the Use of Cookies

While browsing this website for technical reasons we acquire some data – such as IP address, pages visited, etc. – which can be stored in cookies (see below). We collect this data exclusively to guarantee you a better user experience and for strictly anonymous statistics: no personal and confidential information is kept or shared.

We do not use profiling cookies, and as regards third-party cookies, for example for the “Like” buttons on Facebook or Twitter, please refer to the respective information pages. In particular:

By continuing to browse this site, as required by current legislation, you are implicitly consenting to the use of cookies.

What Are Cookies
(from Wikipedia)

In computers, HTTP cookies (more commonly referred to as Web cookies, tracking cookies or simply cookies) are lines of text used to perform automatic authentication, session tracking and storage of specific information concerning users accessing the server, such as, for example, favorite websites or, in the case of internet purchases, the content of their “shopping carts”.

In detail, they are small text strings sent by a server to a Web client (usually a browser) and then sent back by the client to the server (without being modified) every time the client accesses the same portion of the same web domain . The term “cookie” – literally “cookie” – derives from magic cookie (magic cookie), a well-known concept in UNIX that inspired both the idea and the name of HTTP cookies.

Each domain or its portion that is visited with the browser can set cookies. Since a typical Internet page, for example that of a newspaper on the net, contains objects that come from many different domains and each of them can set cookies, it is normal to host many hundreds of cookies in your browser.

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