Latte Creative for Riparte il Futuro | 4 episodes | color | HD | 16:9 | 2018

Pietro and Giulio are two young activists from Riparte il Futuro and they travel across Italy to discover stories of young Italians under 40, who challenge the lack of mobility and the Italian corruption system through business activities, organised protests and transparency.

In the introductory video the two young men explain their mission. In the episode in Sicily they meet Nicoletta, the pastry chef who fights lace. In Calabria they meet Stefano who has blocked the construction of a landfill in his municipality. In Abruzzo they meet Sara fighting for a transparent and participatory reconstruction in L'Aquila. In the episode in Piedmont they meet Joselle, a researcher struggling against the few competitions, the few funds and the little transparency in the university system.